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Application Performance Management

With increased reliance on IT, Application Performance has emerged as an important quality attribute of software applications and when ignored, this could adversely affect the process efficiency resulting in losing out to competition. Our Consultants at Blu Bricks can offer an end to end service in software application development by engaging early in the stage of requirements analysis and executing stress and performance tests ahead of and after production releases.

Our team of architects work closely with the clients’ project teams and have the expertise in spotting the areas of concern at every level of the product development life cycle and come up with solutions to those problems as well. We use a wide range of tools & technology to perform the stress and performance tests and we also built custom tools as may be required to test the specific application.

The levels of engagement that we offer our clients range from one-off Performance Review to continuing end-to-end engagement.

One-off engagement:

The range of services for which our client may engage us include performance benchmarking, stress testing, debugging or trouble shooting specific performance issues, etc. The typical deliverables of these engagements include a detailed report containing the findings at various logical and physical layers of the application, the recommendations which range from tweaking various configuration parameters of application and infrastructure components, horizontal and vertical scaling options, etc. Optionally Blu Bricks can also undertake to oversee the implementation of the fixes and to follow it up with further tests to validate whether the recommendations were beneficial.

End-to-end engagement:

Application performance is one of a key risk that the business organizations should consider monitoring. Applications with performance issues have impact on the process performance and thus impacting the productivity of the system as a whole. It is a widely noticed tendency that organizations try to work around the performance issues by revising the business processes and / or the SLAs. Similarly, a best performing application for one organization may not be comparable with that of the competitors, as the competitor’s application may perform even better. Another aspect to consider is that there is always scope to improve the application performance as newer hardware technology and tools arrive.

An end-to-end engagement ensures that the application performance is a continuous engagement, where in we follow a Monitor – Evaluate – Plan – Do cycle on a continuous basis. We also help clients in quantifying the impact of specific application performance issues and in establishing RoI of implementing the performance recommendations.

Get in touch with us to have your specific needs assessed and to decide on an appropriate engagement.