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Cloud Strategy Planning

Cloud technologies are here to stay, but not without concerns. The concerns are different for different organizations and there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to have these concerns addressed. It is for the enterprise to come up with a cloud strategy and carefully weigh the pros and cons of cloud adoption with due consideration to the competing constraints. When not done well, this could have telling impact on the business.

Our Consultants help the enterprise to come up with an appropriate cloud adoption strategy using structured approaches. Our engagement on this service involves a three step approach viz. Strategy Rationalization, Cloud Valuation and Transformation Planning & Execution.

Strategy Rationalization is the initial process wherein we evaluate the Business & IT Strategies of the enterprise and in turn identify & prioritize the capabilities that are cloud ready. This process also involves conducting cloud envisioning programs, identifying the specific cloud computing patterns and technologies for the client and stating a strategic vision for cloud computing.

Cloud Valuation covers determination of the current state of capability maturity in the areas of enterprise architecture, risk management, information governance and related areas. This will be helpful for the clients to identify the critical gaps that need to be addressed before embarking on cloud transition efforts. Moving ahead with cloud transformation without performing this essential step could put the client at a risk.

Transformation Planning & Execution is the final step where we help client to come up with a cloud adoption roadmap and then to go ahead executing the transformation projects incrementally.

The following is the model that we adopt to take our clients through the Cloud Strategy Planning:

As one could observe, the model is generic and can tailored appropriately to work with any other model that suits the client’s existing process frameworks. Our consultants are very familiar with various frameworks, standards and tools and thus offer the best in class service in this area.