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IT Strategy Consulting

Our consultants with over decades of expertise in IT Leadership, offer our insight and counsel to clients in ensuring that their IT investments are being made on to the right programs and projects considering the related trade-offs and opportunities available. We help the clients to better quantify the expected value, impact of potential risks, costs and thus estimating the risk adjusted returns resulting a better decision being taken.

Blu Bricks offers a wide range of engagement options including being a member of the IT Strategy committee and thus offering advices on various IT decisions. Specific engagements in this category include the following amongst other services:

Project Governance

Large projects not only fail more often they deliver less. According to the McKinsey/Oxford study half of IT projects with budgets of over $15 million dollars run 45% over budget, are 7% behind schedule and deliver 56% less functionality than predicted. With such a high failure rates and that the chances of projects failing is high, our consultants help our clients to an appropriate framework that focusses on value delivery wherein among other reviews, the perceived value and the risks of the project or program are monitored at regular intervals, which helps the stakeholders to decide on the further course of the project. Another important approach that we recommend our clients is the fail fast or even fail first approach, which in fact will help the clients to call off the failing projects sooner than latter so that the cost overrun are minimized.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risks are to be taken to reap rewards. Many organizations still mange risks in isolation, within different functions or departments. This approach leads to an inefficient risk management, as certain departments don’t take risk management seriously, thus keeping the senior management team unaware of certain key risks. Our consultants help establishing an integrated approach to risk management wherein the risks are managed at the enterprise level by making them part of the daily routines of every member of the organization. Our consultants use risk-adjusted performance management methods and tools to help clients gain higher economic returns and increase stakeholder confidence by and protecting against the adverse impacts of business disruption.

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