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Solution Engineering

Solutions Engineering is the foundation of developing robust and powerful enterprise level software solutions. It aids in business process improvements leading to functional, operational and cost benefits. Information flows seamlessly across various systems within an organization leading to effective tactical and strategic decision making. It is the Solution Architects, with their expertise in the domain and on the relevant and emerging technology to come up with a solution with the right balance among the various competing non-functional quality attributes.

When engaged, our consultants start off with understanding the business problem that need a solution and come up with a solution that is aligned with the strategic objectives of the organization. Our consultants, with their expertise would help the clients in establishing the right priorities for various competing non-functional quality attributes and then factoring such requirements while coming up with solutions. We provide multiple solution options to the client with information as to the estimated cost of the solution and the expected value out of the solution, which will help clients take an informed decision as to the choice of the solution.

Our consultants ensure that the recommended solution is not just a quick fix and indeed addresses the root cause of the problem. Where possible, our solutions include an extendable core, so that the solutions can be extended or enhanced to accommodate future problems of similar nature with much lesser investment. The service offering includes an end-to-end solution architecture or one-off engagements like Architecture review and assessment.

Intelligent Reporting and Effective Decision Making ability are primary objectives of our Solution Architectures. We ensure that these units form a core constituent of our Solutions rather than a post live add-on. Our solutions are built to unlock the information hidden within the data leading to unique perspective for managers and executives at all levels.

When engaged for end-to-end consulting, our consultants stay in close touch with the project team through its execution to iron out technical and process issues that may emerge during implementation and deployment phase. Optionally, we also undertake managing user expectations and help clients in managing the change to systems.

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